What do you call someone who loves camping

A camper!

Camping enthusiasts

Camping enthusiasts are people who love spending time outdoors in nature, and often do so by camping. They typically enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and swimming, and often have a great appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Camping fanatics

Camping fanatics are passionate about spending time outdoors in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They love to hike, camp, fish, and explore all that nature has to offer. For them, camping is a way to relax and connect with the world around them.

Camping lovers

Camping enthusiasts, also known as “campers,” are people who love spending time outdoors in nature, usually in tents or RVs. Camping allows them to commune with nature, disconnect from technology and modern conveniences, and enjoy the simple things in life. Camping lovers often have a deep respect for the environment and take care to Leave No Trace when they camp.

Camping addicts

Camping addicts are people who can’t get enough of spending time in nature. They often go on camping trips alone or with friends, and they love nothing more than sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sound of birds singing. Camping addicts often have a lot of knowledge about the best camping spots in their area, and they are always up for trying new things. If you know someone who loves camping, chances are they are a camping addict!

Camping junkies

If you love camping, you might be what’s known as a “camping junkie.” Camping junkies are people who love spending time outdoors in nature, and they often go camping as often as they can. While some camping junkies might travel to different parts of the world to camp, others might just stick to local spots. No matter where they camp, though, they probably have one thing in common: they love being in the great outdoors!

Camping fiends

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends. But what do you call someone who loves camping? A camping fiend, of course!

A camping fiend is someone who loves spending time outdoors, often in tents or RVs. Camping fiends have usually experienced campers who know how to set up a tent, start a campfire, and cook food over the flames.

If you’re planning a camping trip, it’s always a good idea to have a few camping fiends on your team. They can help you plan the perfect trip and make sure that everyone has a great time.

Camping maniacs

If you love camping, you might be considered a camping maniac. This term is used to describe someone who is obsessed with camping and all things related to it. Camping maniacs are usually diehard fans of the outdoors and enjoy spending as much time as possible in nature. They often have a large collection of camping gear and may even camp in their backyard on a regular basis. If you know someone who can’t get enough of camping, they might just be a camping maniac.

Camping zealots

Camping zealots are people who love camping. They are often outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, fishing, and canoeing. They may also enjoy activities such as bird watching and stargazing.


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