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If you’re like most people, the thought of camping brings to mind images of sleeping in a cramped tent, eating cold beans out of a can, and being constantly dirtied by mother nature. But there is one aspect of camping that doesn’t have to be miserable, and that’s taking a shower. Here are some tips on how to make your camping shower as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Camping showers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying clean. There are a variety of different camping showers on the market, but they all have one thing in common — they need to be filled with water before you can use them.

To fill a camping shower, you will need to find a water source. This can be a river, lake, or even a hose attached to your RV. Once you have found a water source, you will need to set up your shower. Most camping showers come with instructions on how to do this.

Once your shower is set up, you will need to fill it with water. The amount of water you need will depend on the size of your shower and how long you plan on using it. Once your shower is full, you can enjoy a hot shower in the great outdoors!

What you’ll need

-A five-gallon bucket
-A lid for the bucket
-A PVC pipe
-A camp shower bag or solar shower
-A Coleman stove or another type of camp stove

To set up your shower, start by drilling a hole in the lid of the bucket. The hole should be big enough to accommodate the PVC pipe. Next, cut a length of PVC pipe that will reach from the bottom of the bucket to just below the hole in the lid.

Attach one end of the PVC pipe to the bottom of the bucket using PVC glue or tape. Then, insert the other end of the pipe through the hole in the lid and secure it in place. You may need to trim the pipe so that it fits snugly through the hole.

Now, fill the bucket with water and place it on top of your camp stove. Heat the water until it is warm (but not hot) to touch. Then, screw on the lid and allow the water to cool for a few minutes.

To use your shower, simply remove the lid and pour water over yourself usingthe PVC pipe. Be careful not to pour too much at once, as this can be overwhelming! You can also use your camp shower bag or solar shower in conjunction with this setup for a more traditional showering experience.

Setting up your shower

If you’re car camping, then you have the luxury of a bit more space and weight, so you can bring a larger solar shower or even a portable camp shower. These are definitely the more comfortable option, but they do require a bit more set up.

First, find a sunny spot to set up your shower. You’ll need to angle the shower so that the sun can hit it directly. Next, set up your shower by unfolding it and attaching any hoses or cords.

If you’re using a solar shower, fill it up with water and let it sit in the sun for a few hours to heat up. If you’re using a portable camp shower, then you’ll need to heat up water on the stove and pour it into the shower.

Taking a shower

This guide will tell you how to make a camping shower so you can have a nice, hot shower even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. All you need is a large container (like a trash can or storage bin), some PVC pipe, and a camp stove.

First, fill your container with water and set it on your camp stove to boil. While the water is heating up, cut two holes in the top of your container—one for the PVC pipe to go in, and one for your head to fit through.

Next, take the PVC pipe and attach one end to the spout of your boiling water container. Run the other end of the pipe out of the hole you cut for it, away from your campsite. If you’re worried about snakes or other critters getting into your shower water, you can attach a small screen over the end of the pipe.

Now all you have to do is strip down and step into your impromptu shower stall. Pour water over yourself from the spout and enjoy! When you’re done, just be sure to turn off your camp stove so you don’t boil all of your shower water away.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make your camping shower more enjoyable:

-If you have a solar shower, fill it up and put it in the sun before you go to bed. This will help it heat up overnight so you’ll have a hot shower in the morning.
-Hang your shower bag or solar shower from a tree branch or other sturdy object so that the water doesn’t splash all over the place when you turn it on.
-If you’re using a campfire to heat up water for your shower, be sure to put the pot of water far enough away from the fire so that it doesn’t get too hot. You don’t want to scald yourself!
-If you don’t have a campfire, you can still heat up water for your shower using a gas stove or even a Solar Cooker.
-Make sure you have all of your showering supplies within reach before you get in the shower so that you don’t have to get out and rummage around for them. soap, towel, etc.
-Enjoy your camping shower!


We hope this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to make your own camping shower. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can have a great time camping and showering in the great outdoors!

Further reading

Here are some additional tips and resources on making a camping shower:

-If you’re using a solar shower, make sure to put it in a sunny spot to heat up!
-If you don’t have a solar shower, you can heat up water on a stove and pour it into a standard camp shower bag.
-Hang your shower bag from a tree branch or other sturdy object so that the water doesn’t pour all over the ground.
-Use biodegradable soap to avoid harming plants and animals.


Below are some frequently asked questions about camping showers. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

How long do camping showers last?
Camping showers typically last between 3 and 5 minutes.

What is the best way to conserve water while showering?
There are a few ways to conserve water while showering outdoors. One way is to use a solar shower bag or portable camping shower. These devices allow you to heat water beforehand so that you only use as much as you need. Another way to conserve water is to shower during off-peak hours when there is less demand on the campsite’s water supply. Finally, you can turn the shower head off while soaping up and then turn it back on to rinse off.


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