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If you’re anything like me, you love spending time outdoors and enjoying a good camp fire. Here are some tips on how to make your camp fire the best it can be!


Campfires are one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors, but they also require responsibility and knowledge to build and maintain safely. Use this guide to learn how to build a campfire, get it started, and keep it going throughout your night in the great outdoors.

What You’ll Need

Building a campfire is an essential skill for any budding outdoorsman or woman. Not only can it be used to cook food or boil water, but it’s also great for warmth and light in emergencies. With a little practice, you’ll be able to build a campfire anywhere, anytime.

All you need is some tinder (dry grass, leaves, etc.), kindling (twigs, small branches), and fuel (larger pieces of wood). Once you have these materials gathered, you’re ready to build your fire.

Step One: Find a Good Spot

The first step in building a campfire is finding a good spot. You’ll want to find a spot that’s away from any trees or bushes, and clear of any dead leaves or grass. Once you’ve found a spot, clear away any rocks or sticks that might be in your way.

Step Two: Gather Your Materials

Now that you’ve found a good spot, it’s time to gather your materials. You’ll need some wood, of course, as well as some rocks for your fire pit. If you have a campfire ring, now is the time to set it up. If not, you can just build a small fire pit out of rocks.

Step Three: Build Your Fire

Now it’s time to build your fire. Start by creating a tepee out of your smaller pieces of wood. Then, add your larger pieces of wood to the tepee. Once your fire is built, light it with a match or lighter.

Step Four: Enjoy Your Campfire!

Once your campfire is lit, sit back and enjoy the warmth and light. Be sure to keep an eye on the fire at all times, and make sure to put it out completely when you’re done!

Step Two: Clear Away the Debris

Be sure to clear away any leaves, sticks, or other debris from where you intend to build your fire. If you build your fire on top of flammable materials, there is a greater risk that the fire will get out of control. Once you have cleared a spot for your fire, use a shovel to dig a small pit. This will help to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.

Step Three: Create a Circle of Stones

If you’re using a stone fire ring, place the ring on level ground in the area you’ve chosen for your campsite. If you don’t have a stone fire ring, gather a bunch of medium to large rocks and piled them in a circular shape that’s about three feet across.

Step Four: Build Your Fire

Now it’s time to start putting your wood together. Start with your tinder, then add kindling, and finally add your logs.

Building a campfire is pretty simple. Just remember the acronym “TEAL”: Tinder, Kindling, Air, Logs.

Tinder is your small, easily combustible material. This could be things like dry grass, leaves, or small twigs.

Kindling is slightly larger pieces of wood that will help ignite your fire. These could be things like small sticks or branches.

Air is important for keeping your fire oxygenated so that it will continue to burn. You can do this by blowing on the fire or using a bellows.

Logs are the final piece of the puzzle. These are the large pieces of wood that will keep your fire going for a long time.

Step Five: Add Fuel and Light Your Fire

Now it’s time to light your fire. You can use a lighter or matches, but we recommend using a Ferro rod. A Ferro rod is a metal rod that you can strike with your knife to create a spark. This is a great skill to have in case you ever find yourself in a survival situation.

To use a Ferro rod, hold the rod in one hand and the knife in the other. Place the blade of the knife against theRod at a 45-degree angle. Then, quickly scrape the blade down the length of the rod. This will create sparks that will fall into your tinder bundle and start your fire.

Enjoy Your Campfire!

Building a campfire is an essential part of the camping experience. Not only will it provide warmth and light, but it can also be used for cooking or simply enjoying the flames. Follow these steps to build a safe and enjoyable campfire.

  1. Choose a location. Make sure your fire pit is at least 10 feet away from any flammable objects like trees, bushes, or tents. If you’re in a area with lots of trees, make sure to clear an area around your fire pit down to the ground.
  2. Gather your materials. You’ll need tinder (small pieces of dry wood that will catch fire easily), kindling (smaller pieces of wood that will help the fire grow), and fuel (larger pieces of wood that will keep the fire going).
  3. Build a tepee structure with your tinder and kindling in the center of your fire pit. This will help the air flow through your fire and make it easier to light.
  4. Light the tepee structure with a match or lighter. Once the tepee is lit, carefully add some of your fuel logs to keep the fire going.
  5. Enjoy your campfire! Remember to extinguish your fire completely before you leave by dousing it with water and stirring the ashes until they’re cool to the touch.


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