How to Keep Your Fake Eyelashes On While Swimming

How to Keep Your Fake Eyelashes On While Swimming

Have you ever wanted to take a dip in the pool while wearing your favorite pair of fake eyelashes? Well, it might sound like an impossible feat, but with these simple tips and tricks, you can have your cake and eat it too! After all, who said you couldn’t be glamorous while going for a swim? From waterproof mascara to glue-free lashes, we’re here to show you how to keep your fake eyelashes on while swimming. So grab your swimsuit and get ready – we’re about to dive in!

Swimming with Fake Eyelashes – Let’s Get Started!

First, you want to make sure that you are properly prepping your eyelashes before heading into the water. This means applying your lash glue in a thin, even layer along the base of each lash and giving it ample time to dry and set before putting them on. You want to make sure that the adhesive will be able to withstand the water pressure and stay intact for as long as you’re in the pool or ocean.

When it comes to choosing the best false eyelashes for aquatic activities, you want to look for ones that are designed specifically for use in water. These lashes are usually made from durable materials such as silk or human hair, and they often come with a waterproof coating that helps them last longer when submerged in liquid. Additionally, some brands offer glue-free false eyelash strips which can be applied directly onto your natural lashes without any adhesive for extra convenience and security.

Once you have everything all set up, here are some tips on how to keep your fake lashes looking great while swimming:

* Make sure that you apply a coat of waterproof mascara over your falsies beforehand. This will help seal everything together and prevent any slipping or shifting of the lashes while underwater.

* For an added layer of protection against water damage, try using a sealant spray over your fake eyelashes after they’re applied. This will help create an extra barrier between them and any moisture present in the air or water around you so they won’t become weighed down by it.

* Finally, remember not to rub or tug at your fake eyelashes while swimming as this could cause them to come off prematurely or shift out of place.

After-Swim Care for Your Fake Lashes

Once you’ve finished swimming with your falsies on, it is important to take proper care of them afterwards so they remain looking their best for as long as possible. To do this, simply pat each lash gently with a soft tissue paper after every swim session to remove any excess moisture from them. Additionally, if there is still water present on the surface of your fake eyelashes after blotting them off, then use a blow dryer set on its lowest setting (cool) and wave it slowly over each lash until they feel completely dry again. Once everything is done, store away any unused fake eyelashes in an airtight container until next time!

With these simple tips and tricks, swimming with fake eyelashes doesn’t have to be an intimidating task anymore! And by following these guidelines, you can now enjoy all the fun of swimming without worrying about losing or ruining your falsies in the process! So go ahead – take a dip and show off those gorgeous eyes!


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