how to get fish smell off hands

how to get fish smell off hands

Do you love the smell of fish but hate the way it lingers on your hands? Here are some tips on how to get rid of that fishy smell!

1.Wash your hands with soap and water

1.Wash your hands with soap and water 2.Rinse your hands with lemon juice 3.Rinse your hands with vinegar

2.Use a lemon or lime

Cut a lemon or lime in half and rub it all over your hands. The citrus smell will help to mask the fishy smell, and the acidity will help to remove the odor-causing bacteria.

3.Use vinegar

Vinegar is also a helpful household item for removing fish smell from your hands. All you need to do is soak your hands in a bowl of vinegar for about 15 minutes. Afterward, wash your hands with soap and water as usual.

4.Use baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda onto areas of your hands that smell like fish. Rub the baking soda into your skin, using a circular motion. Rinse your hands off with warm water. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to remove the fish odor.

5.Use coffee grounds

If you have coffee grounds available, rub them into your skin to help remove the fishy smell. Rinse the coffee grounds off with warm water and soap.

6.Use tea

black or green tea Soak a washcloth in strong, brewed tea — black or green varieties work well — then scrub your hands with the cloth. The tannic acid in the tea will help to neutralize the odor-causing oils on your skin.

7.Use essential oils

If you have essential oils on hand, this is a great way to get the fish smell off your hands. All you need to do is add a few drops of your favorite oil to a bowl of warm water and soak your hands for a few minutes. You can also add a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and rub it over yourhands.

8.See a doctor

If the fish odor is due to a medical condition, such as trimethylaminuria, you’ll need to see a doctor for treatment. In some cases, medications can help reduce the fishy odor. In other cases, making dietary changes may be the best course of action.


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