how to carry climbing sticks


There are different ways of carrying your climbing sticks when you are out hunting. You can either use a backpack or a fanny pack. If you decide to use a backpack, make sure that the straps are secure and that the bag is not too big or too small. You can also use a fanny pack to carry your climbing sticks. This is a good option if you do not want to carry a lot of weight on your back.

What are Climbing Sticks?

Climbing sticks are telescoping poles with spikes or steps on the bottom that Hunters use to climb tree stands. Tree stands are elevated platforms that Hunters use to get a better view of an area and to stay out of the sight of game.

There are several reasons why a Hunter might want to use climbing sticks. First, they allow the Hunter to climb without having to damage the tree. Second, they provide a more stable platform than climbing without sticks. And finally, they give the Hunter the ability to Elevate themselves in stages, which can be helpful in determining the best place to set up their stand.

Climbing sticks come in a variety of sizes, but most are between 4 and 5 feet long when fully extended. They typically weigh between 2 and 3 pounds each, with the lighter models being more expensive.

Most climbing sticks are made from aluminum, which is both strong and light. Some models have plastic steps or spikes, which can be quieter and easier on trees than metal spikes. Some newer models come with camo patterns printed on them, which can help hunters blend in with their surroundings.

Most climbing sticks have some sort of strap or loop near the top so that they can be attached to a tree stand or other object once the Hunter has reached their desired height. This is important because it prevents the sticks from falling and potentially injuring someone below.

How to carry Climbing Sticks

Cliing sticks are useful tools that can help you climb trees or get to hard-to-reach places. However, they can be cumbersome to carry, especially if you have a lot of them. Here are some tips on how to carry your climbing sticks so that they are less of a hassle:

-Carry them in a backpack or duffle bag. This will help distribute the weight and make them easier to carry.
-If you have to walk far with them, consider using a wheeled cart or hand truck.
-If you have multiple sets of climbing sticks, lashed them together in pairs so that they are easier to carry.


In conclusion, when packing your climbing sticks for a hike, be sure to use a comfortable backpack that will distribute the weight evenly. And, if possible, try to find sticks that are light enough to not weigh you down too much. Finally, be sure to take regular breaks on your hike to give your arms and shoulders a break from carrying the sticks.


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