do audiologists remove ear wax

do audiologists remove ear wax

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is a normal, healthy part of the ear. It is produced by the ear canal to clean, protect, and lubricate the ear. Most people do not need to have their ear wax removed because it will eventually come out on its own. Audiologists do not recommend that people try to remove their own ear wax because this can cause serious damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

What are the benefits of ear wax removal?

If you have too much ear wax, it can cause problems. It can make your ear feel full or plug up your hearing. Ear wax also can keep you from hearing sounds as clearly as you should. Too much ear wax can make it hard to put in or wear hearing aids.

If ear wax buildup becomes a problem, your doctor may recommend that you have your ears professionally cleaned or that you remove the ear wax yourself.

How do audiologists remove ear wax?

There are several ways that audiologists can remove ear wax, including:

-Manual removal: This involves using a small, curved tool called a curet to gently scrape the wax out of the ear.
-Suction: A small device with a gentle suction action is used to remove the wax.
-Irrigation: This involves flushing the ear with warm water to soften the wax so that it can be removed more easily.

What are the risks of ear wax removal?

Ear wax removal is generally a safe process, but there are a few risks to be aware of. The most common complication is damage to the ear canal or eardrum. This can occur if the person removing the ear wax is not careful. Another less common complication is an infection in the ear canal. This can happen if the ear wax removal process irritates the skin in the ear canal or if bacteria gets into the ear during the process.


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