can guys spray tan with hairy legs

can guys spray tan with hairy legs

If you’re a guy and you’ve got hairy legs, you might be wondering if you can spray tan with them. The answer is, yes, you can! But there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are our top tips for spray tanning with hairy legs:


Many people choose to shave their legs before going in for a spray tan. However, this is not strictly necessary and there are a few things to keep in mind if you choose not to shave. First, the hair on your legs will absorb some of the spray tan solution, so you may not get as even of a coverage. Second, the color may not be as dark on your hairy legs as it would be on shaved legs. And finally, you may end up with some streaks or lines where the hair on your legs interrupted the spray tan stream.

The Benefits of Spray Tanning

Whether you’re getting ready for a big event or just want to look and feel your best, spray tanning is a great option. There are many benefits of spray tanning, including:

-Achieving a natural-looking bronzed complexion – without the risk of sun damage
-Evening out skin tone

  • hiding imperfections and blemishes
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem

If you’re considering spray tanning for the first time, be sure to find a reputable salon that offers high-quality products and services.

The Risks of Spray Tanning

When it comes to spray tanning, there are a few risks that you should be aware of. First, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid spray tanning altogether. The chemicals in the spray can reacts negatively with your skin, causing irritation or even burns.

Second, if you have any cuts or scrapes on your skin, the chemicals in the spray can cause them to sting. If you have open wounds, it’s best to avoid spray tanning until they’ve healed.

Finally, if you’re pregnant, you should avoid spray tanning. The chemicals in the spray can be harmful to your developing baby.

How to Prepare for Spray Tanning

It’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before you go in for a spray tan. This will help the solution adhere evenly to your skin and create a natural-looking, long-lasting tan.

How to Apply Spray Tan

Most guys think that they can just walk into a salon and get a spray tan, but there are actually some things that you need to do in order to ensure that the tan comes out looking great. Here are some tips on how to apply spray tan:

-Make sure that your skin is clean and free of any oils or lotions before you go in for the spray tan. Otherwise, the tan will not adhere well to your skin and will come out patchy.
-Exfoliate your skin beforehand so that the tan will go on evenly and look more natural.
-When you’re in the salon, make sure to stand still and don’t move around too much so that the tan comes out evenly.
-Don’t put on any lotion or perfume until after the spray tan has had time to dry completely, otherwise it will come out streaky.

How to Remove Spray Tan

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re trying to get that perfect bronze glow. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to remove spray tan if you end up looking like you’ve been dipped in a vat of chocolate.

The first thing you’ll want to do is exfoliate your skin. This will help to lift away any dead skin cells that may be trapping the Bronze color. You can use a loofah, scrubs with beads or sugar, or even just a washcloth to gently rub your skin in circular motions.

Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s time to jump in the shower and rinse off any remaining soap or scrub residue. Be sure to use lukewarm water, as hot water can dry out your skin and make the bronze color appear more orange.

After you’ve exfoliated and rinsed, it’s time to apply a hydrating lotion or oil all over your body. This will help to replenish any moisture that was lost during the exfoliation process and also give your skin a healthy glowing sheen.

The Bottom Line

So, can guys spray tan with hairy legs? The answer is yes! Whether you have lots of hair or just a little, it’s totally fine to get a spray tan. In fact, many people think that hairy legs actually help the spray tan last longer.


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